What Our Clients Say

“HI Caroline, sorry for the delayed text on this end! Thank you for everything, the photos are brilliant and biscuit was happy staying at home.

Hi Caroline just to say we are back and thank you very much for looking after the boys so well as always 😀

Hello Caroline, thanks so much for looking after Seb, and popping in this morning! Many thanks again

Thanks for looking after Bronte! She seems very happy and settled. I appreciated the messages and photos. It’s been a really good service! We are back and in and out all day so pop the key back when it’s convenient for you. If we are not in then please leave via letterbox. Thanks again

Think Evie’s very relaxed! Let me know how much I owe you for last weekend and I’ll get it transferred across x

Hi Caroline. Made it back earlier than anticipated. Thank you for looking after Wooster. He is telling me off so I know he is fine!”

“They’re both asleep upstairs so they’re obviously happy with you feeding them – thanks again”

“Thank you for looking after Keith so well. Keep the door key – we will certainly be using you again on a regular basis”

“Thank you for the update – that sounds exactly like him!”

“Hi there Caroline. Many thanks for looking after my babies and for dealing with the bird – he isn’t known as Marvellous Murderous Marv for nothing!”

“Hi Caroline. Thanks for looking after Edward and Smudge. They didn’t sulk at all – in fact I think they’ll soon be sending us on holiday”

“Hello, thanks so much for looking after the boys so well as always”

“Thanks Caroline, they are happy as normal.”

“Hi Caroline thanks for looking after Rolo and putting out bins etc. He seemed quite content when we got home last night :0) Had a great holiday – thanks”

” Thanks again for looking after Ellie so well whilst I was away. She’s very happy to see me – looks lovely and very content.

” I always forget how much you charge but worth every penny for the peace of mind!”



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